Acorn International offers clients a wide range of services and experience in Stakeholder Engagement and Social Performance.

Successful project development increasingly depends on managing business and reputational risks related to stakeholder concerns and building partnerships with host communities. We help clients meet these challenges through products such as social investment programs, stakeholder mapping and engagement, human rights assessments, and corporate social responsibility programs and guidelines.

Acorn International facilitates stakeholder engagement with corporate teams, government authorities, civil society and other stakeholders to foster consensus-building, disseminate project information and develop constructive relationships in support of long-lasting partnerships.

We offer fit-for-purpose Stakeholder Engagement and Social Performance solutions, including:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Social baseline assessments
  • Social impact assessments
  • Stakeholder engagement planning and implementation
  • Community investment planning and implementation
  • Facilitation of workshops and meetings with internal and external stakeholders
  • Human rights impact assessment and management planning
  • Social and health risk assessment and management planning
  • Development of social performance and risk management guidelines, training and assessments
  • Integration of social performance management within existing HSE management systems
  • Training and capacity building of local partners and governments

Acorn International and its principal have led and performed over 80 environmental and social impact assessments worldwide.

  • Social Performance Assessment of Major Oil Production Operation in Ghana
  • Retrospective Socioeconomic Impact Assessment for Marine Production Fabrication Activities in the US and Korea
  • Social Baseline Study, Community Needs Assessment, Social Investment Strategy and Program Development Support for an Exploration Program in Colombia
  • Social Investment Strategy Implementation Support for an LNG Plant Development in Africa
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement Plan, Social Investment Plan, Community Perception Survey and Related Support for a Shale Field Development Program in US

Local Content & Global Assurance. With our partnership-based business model and broad international experience, we offer clients local content and global assurance on Stakeholder Engagement and Social Performance projects. By contracting and collaborating with local, in-country partners, Acorn International delivers local content, providing clients with practical insights on local customs, laws, regulations, social risks and practices. Through client interaction and insights on sustainability trends, we assure projects adhere to global corporate quality standards and international best practices.

Our Services

Environmental & Social Baseline Survey & Impact Assessment

Industries, investors and regulators worldwide need reliable assessments of potential project impacts and effective mitigation plans that are developed by integrated teams of international and host-country experts.

Stakeholder Engagement & Social Performance

Successful project development increasingly depends on managing business and reputational risks related to stakeholder concerns and building partnerships with host communities.

Environmental & Social Due Diligence Assessment

Clear and reliable assessments of integrated social and environmental risks are critical to maintaining the integrity of projects, operations and corporate reputations.

ESG Strategy & Organizational Change

Our staff members have led teams in performing Environmental, Health, Safety, and Social (ESG) strategy and organizational change programs for energy companies worldwide.

Capacity Building / Training

On-going capacity assessment and building is critical to keep up with fast-evolving best practices and challenges in social and environmental performance.

S-Trendcasting™ – Planning for the Unforeseen

We deploy 30 years of experience in social risk management to facilitate a tailored (half-day to two-day) workshop building early warning systems.

S-Team On Demand CSR Talent

Allows companies to fill critical gaps for assuring uninterrupted performance assurance or achieving new initiatives with qualified, independent and trusted social performance experts.

Acorn International

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