We’re Growing!

Acorn International is delighted to announce that we’ve hired 2 fantastic new team members, Maria Alejandra Miranda and Claire Marie (Clarita) Montant this year.

Maria Alejandra is a social researcher/analyst with a background in international relations, international business, and diplomacy. She is interested in applying her background in international relations and business to the way in which the extractives and energy industry works and relates to social and environmental practices.  Maria Alejandra is currently helping develop a social baseline study for an international oil company that is entering the Gulf of Mexico region and a social impact assessment for a petrochemical facility development in Texas.

Clarita is a social consultant with specialization in human rights, transitional justice, conflict prevention, politics, and diplomacy. She has a particular interest in conducting social risk assessments to inform the clients and local communities, as a way to de-escalate or avoid tensions in a given region.  Clarita is working on a supply chain human rights assessment and a major mine expansion de-risking program for two of Acorn International’s large international industry clients.

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