Valeria Crespo Ritchie

Valeria Crespo Ritchie




Valeria is an environmental and social analyst with training and experience in microbiology, mycology, ecology, remediation and environmental science. She is particularly interested in helping industries change their policies and procedures into better environmental and social practices.

As a student at Texas A&M University, Valeria worked in several research labs as a research assistant. She was particularly involved in a plant virology lab, working with common crops such as potato and tobacco. Her research focused on the effects of viruses in the plant’s Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER), with the intention of reducing the number of failed crops and increase sustainability in the agricultural sector. During her time in the lab, she learned how work with plants, infection methods, extracting DNA, working with PCR, and analyzing the data. She also created a database for lab samples that is still used today.

Valeria attended several seminars and classes that focused on the new uses of microbiology in the industry to combat the environmental issues that we are currently facing such as remediation, plastic substitution, biofuels, and agriculture pollution.

Prior Experience

During her career, Valeria worked in the lab as an environmental microbiology analyst. She analyzed water and air samples for potential human pathogens in commercial and residential buildings. She worked with mold and bacterial samples and entered the data in a way that both experienced and new clients could understand. She also worked with the state of Texas to analyze beach water samples, this analysis was published on a government website available to the public. In her role as an analyst, she also consulted with clients, wrote reports, and created invoices. During this time, she was exposed to other types of work with hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead.

Valeria has experience with new employee training, project management, administrative duties, and customer support. She has worked in a team to identify issues with Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) and improve them.


Texas A&M University – Bachelor of Science Bioenvironmental Science, 2020


Spanish (native)

Acorn International

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