Grace Russell

Grace Russell




Grace is a biologist and environmental consultant with specialization in marine ecology, environmental science, and environmental policy and management.  Her experience at Acorn International includes developing environmental and social baseline studies, risk assessments, and training programs for international oil and gas and renewable energy projects.  Key projects include an environmental and socioeconomic risk screening for oil and gas exploration offshore Brasil, social impact assessments and social baseline studies for oil and gas operations in the US, and consolidation of international oil and gas company environmental and social standards and training materials to develop a new training program for incoming practitioners.

Grace has ecological field research experience in terrestrial, aquatic, coastal, and nearshore ecosystems in Alaska, Minnesota, Costa Rica, Scotland, and the Maldives. She holds a MSc in Ecosystem-based Management of Marine Systems from the University of St. Andrews and a BA in Biology from Carleton College.

Acorn International

1702 Taylor St, Suite 200B
Houston, TX 77007, USA

1213 Purchase St
New Bedford, MA 02740, USA


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