Grace Coates

Grace Coates




Gracie is an environmental and social consultant with training and experience in environmental science, conservation biology, ecology, and ESG. She is most interested in helping industries improve their environmental and social practices, while balancing the unique needs of their business. She is determined to highlight both the importance and advantages of sustainable business practices.

Much of her professional experience has been in the nonprofit sector, working on oil and gas monitoring, clean energy, and electrification projects, as well as international marine research. Her time working in clean energy required extensive knowledge of clean technology, environmental policy, and grassroots skills to engage a variety of stakeholders. She worked to advance clean energy and electrification projects in Texas, including projects to electrify school bus fleets, install solar on houses of worship, and advance public knowledge of the Inflation Reduction Act through statewide and national webinars. Gracie also has training in ESG and the varying ways companies utilize environmental and social data to create shared value.

Acorn International

1702 Taylor St, Suite 200B
Houston, TX 77007, USA

1213 Purchase St
New Bedford, MA 02740, USA


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