Dean A Slocum

Dean A Slocum

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Mr. Slocum is a leading consultant to international extractive industries for social, environmental and sustainable development management. He has 30 years of experience in social and environmental assessment and performance improvement programs for industries, investors and governments worldwide. Among his international recognitions is selection by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) to be editor and committee chair of a 2009 publication on environmental, health, safety and social management best practices for the international oil and gas industry and a 2010-2011 SPE Distinguished Lecturer on “The Next Generation of Stakeholder Engagement”. Dean is the founder and Principal of Acorn International, LLC.
Professional Experience

Environmental and Socioeconomic Impact Assessment:

Mr. Slocum has led and performed over 100 environmental and socioeconomic impact assessments worldwide. His experience includes developing and teaching a World Bank-sponsored EIA/SIA training courses for global industries, leading ESIA and expert review for developments seeking World Bank Group financing worldwide and performing EIA/SIA for extractive industry development programs around the world. He has served as an expert witness/reviewer for major social and environment impact cases worldwide, including service as an independent social review expert of the Panama Canal Expansion ESIA for the World Bank.

He recently directed a multi-year environmental and community consultation program involving indigenous prior consultation, community investment strategy, human rights assessment, environmental baseline studies and ESIA/permitting for an oil exploration program in a remote tropical forest/savannah area of South America. All work was performed to international lender standards, including IFC and other international performance standards for managing indigenous consultation, biodiversity, human rights, displacement and grievances.

Environmental, Health, Safety and Social Impact and Risk Assessments:

Dean has served as facilitator of environmental, health and social risk assessment workshops for a variety of oil & gas, power, chemical and mining projects/operations worldwide over the last 7 years.  These include:

  • Environmental Risk Assessment (ENVID) for offshore oil exploration program, Liberia
  • Integrated Hazard Identification (IHAZID) Assessments for a series of offshore and onshore gas production facilities in Nigeria
  • IHAZID for offshore pipeline, Angola
  • IHAZIDs for onshore/offshore seismic survey, gas treatment plant, well pads and rail terminal, Kazakhstan
  • IHAZID and ESHIA screening for exploration program, Kurdistan/Iraq
  • HAZID for power plant development, Thailand
  • IHAZID for chemical plant operation, Brazil
  • IHAZIDs for offshore oil exploration programs, North Sea (Netherlands and UK)
  • IHAZID for two cogen facilities, Nevada
  • IHAZID for mining operation, California
  • IHAZID for onshore oil terminal, New Jersey
  • IHAZIDs for onshore and offshore oil exploration programs, Alaska

Community Engagement, Social Risk Management and Capacity Building:

Dean has led or participated in community surveys, social baseline and impact assessments, stakeholder engagement planning and program management, and community investment program management for major capital projects worldwide continuously since the mid-1980s. He is a frequent speaker on best practices in community engagement, has helped extractive industries design and implement “above-ground risk” strategies, and provides expert witness review/testimony related to community engagement and social risk management worldwide.

Mr. Slocum recently led a major needs assessment and capacity building plan in coordination with the World Bank to help the Ghana Ministry of Environment govern environmental and social aspects of developments. He has led local content capacity development to support international industries in over 20 developing countries.

EHS/Sustainable Development Strategy and Organizational Change:

Mr. Slocum has led teams in performing EHSS strategy and organizational change programs for energy companies and government bodies worldwide. He routinely works with senior management of companies interested in breakthrough performance improvement by implementing world class management practices and meeting international performance standards. His experience includes leading development of environmental, sustainable development and human rights management strategies/programs for 15 multi-national industries, including the national oil companies of Mexico, Brazil, India and Kuwait.

Due Diligence Assessment:

Mr. Slocum has led and performed environmental and social due diligence assessments to identify, quantify and manage environmental liabilities as part of industrial and commercial transactions worldwide. His experience includes leading due diligence for more than 30 property transfers of industrial facilities worldwide, from mining/metallurgical industries in the US and Venezuela, to chemical plants in Korea, Spain, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago and Canada, to oil fields and refineries throughout the former Soviet republics, Africa and Latin America.

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