Taking Continued Precautions

Out of respect for our team members and their families as well as our clients, partners and communities, Acorn International will continue to take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection until such time as we believe it is safe to ease these restrictions.  We recognize that some of the jurisdictions in which we operate are starting to lift restrictions, and we will continue to evaluate risks and appropriate measures daily, consistent with (first) our SHE management system, (second) our contractual obligations, and (third) the CDC guidelines.

All team members are continuing to work from home, and we are continuing to defer all non-essential travel and meetings.  On a daily basis, we continue to deliver the high-quality services that we and our clients expect of Acorn International.  We meet on-line regularly as a team, we are in frequent contact with our clients and partners, and we are continuing to conduct a robust business stream productively, albeit remotely.  And most importantly, safely.

We look forward to a time when we can join together in groups to solve social and environmental risk challenges together, face to face.  Until then, we will continue to apply new approaches and technologies to do so remotely.

Global Insights

ISSUE 51: Measuring Environmental Justice Impacts and Opportunities for a Sustainable/Just Energy Transition

Energy companies, investors and governments have made tremendous progress on developing technologies and policies needed to promote the energy transition.  But rapid transitions to renewable energy development, smart & efficient power distribution and carbon...

ISSUE 50: The Challenge of Mine Tailings and People Downstream

Authors: Dean Slocum and Chris Anderson    As mining companies worldwide prepare to meet an expanded and comprehensive new waste or tailings management standard, many have yet to focus on how they will conform with what are probably the standard’s most difficult...

5 Cases for Hope in 2022

This new year dawns with daunting challenges on our most pressing sociopolitical and environmental risks - from the pandemic, to our climate, to human rights. As a team of social and environmental scientists who have dedicated our work to taking on these challenges,...

ISSUE 49: The Role of General Counsels in the ESG World

General counsels are faced with new set of challenges that call for broader awareness and supporting expertise: -  Shareholder activism challenging the reliability of your carbon neutrality goals. -  Customers questioning your response to allegations for human rights...

ISSUE 48: Making ESG Impact Through Environmental Justice: 3 Approaches

Boards are being flooded with environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact noise, and are hard-pressed to identify concrete, material ESG issues that can be understood, managed, and tracked to control risk and preserve shareholder value. One aspect of ESG that is...


Have you ever been asked if you would like to have an ‘___X___’ in your neighborhood? (Fill in the blank, could be a pump station, wind turbine, electrical transfer station, waste treatment facility, tank farm, refinery, you name it!) Were you opposed? Why, or why...

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