Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Feasibility Study, Worldwide

Acorn International was selected by the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) to perform a feasibility study of applying more common sustainability reporting practices across the international oil and gas industry.

We developed converged definitions for selected performance indicators, performed a gap analysis for six selected companies, and identified the issues and level of effort oil and gas companies will face if they decide to develop and follow more precise, common guidelines for comparable sustainability performance reporting. The study was done for a committee of international oil and gas companies under IPIECA’s direction.

Acorn International presented the initial study results to the committee and IPIECA in early December 2007. Acorn International was chosen for this important assignment in part because its President was the leader of a 2002 effort to study and publish current industry sustainability reporting practices.

That study and more information regarding IPIECA’s sustainability reporting initiative can be found at .

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