Cultural Heritage Program Implementation for Global Mining Company, Worldwide

Acorn International is working with a global mining company to ensure that its new Cultural Heritage Standard is efficiently ‘rolled out’ for effective heritage management at all of its major mine sites.

In this project we are working with corporate, regional and site teams to build awareness regarding intangible and tangible cultural resources and heritage. Our team will ultimately evaluate how well dozens of mines around the world are protecting important cultural heritage as they explore, build, operate and close their sites. Our work includes a comprehensive review of emerging good practice as well as local project risks, host community and Indigenous Peoples’ perspectives, values and concerns, and effective forms of company-community partnerships. In addition to identifying gaps, risks and opportunities, our team will lead a collaborative effort to build a measurable and resourced workplan for good practice heritage management that meets company and global standards in general, but also will be specific to the challenges of each individual mine site.

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