Acorn International Presents Human Rights Briefings

Global industry and investors face increasing reputational, operational and legal risks over human rights considerations in their workforce and supply chains. We are hearing increased concern from our clients about challenges ranging from management of unfair labor practices of key suppliers and contractors overseas to sexual harassment and mediation clauses here in the US.

The bad news is that as these challenges are becoming immediate and publicly-charged issues for private industry, they remain difficult to manage in a way that protects companies’ liabilities and reputations. The good news is that there are some broadly accepted good practices and tools emerging that can help.  These include:

  • United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights
  • Five-step Guide for Boards on Business and Human Rights
  • Emerging interpretations and applications of International Labour Organization conventions
  • The Responsible Labour Initiative
  • Recently developed apps and programs to help workers voice concerns

Acorn International has been working with multi-nationals for years to help address human rights concerns, and we’ve gained solid experience and insights on applying emerging good industry practice. To help raise awareness of how to recognize and manage human rights risks in the labor force and supply chain, we are offering a 1-hour briefing sessionParticipants can expect to gain:

  • Our perspective on how these emerging challenges are perceived as risk by businesses
  • Specific case studies highlighting how companies experience and manage these risks
  • An understanding of the approaches and tools for good practice human rights risk management
  • Suggestions: when should action be taken, and how much due diligence is enough
  • Open discussion of your questions and situations

For more information or to schedule a briefing, please contact

December 1, 2017

Acorn International

1702 Taylor St, Suite 200B
Houston, TX 77007, USA

1213 Purchase St
New Bedford, MA 02740, USA


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