Acorn International Forms Integrated Team for Mexico’s Deep Water Blocks

Acorn International has formed an integrated US-Mexico team to provide environmental and social services needed by operators in Mexico’s offshore exploration areas. The dedicated team includes:

  • Acorn International – Houston
  • Grupo Bio Nature – Tampico
  • TDI Brooks – College Station
  • A network of Mexican specialists who will support our team as needed

Acorn International’s President, Dean Slocum, said he’s delighted with the integrated team and looking forward to working with its members on behalf of our clients. “We’ve taken the time to meet and hold good discussions with each team member, and we have a good sense of the roles we’d play in concert with each other” said Slocum. “All of us as team members look forward to the opportunity to deliver the support that the new operators will need should you pursue a successful E&P program offshore Mexico.” To view our Integrated Team Brochure, click here.

For more information, please go to or email

January 1, 2017

Acorn International

1702 Taylor St, Suite 200B
Houston, TX 77007, USA

1213 Purchase St
New Bedford, MA 02740, USA


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