5 Cases for Hope in 2022

This new year dawns with daunting challenges on our most pressing sociopolitical and environmental risks – from the pandemic, to our climate, to human rights. As a team of social and environmental scientists who have dedicated our work to taking on these challenges, we might feel disheartened. But instead, we are full of hope.

As we work at the coal face of how these issues impact people worldwide every day, we see tremendous spirit, practical solutions, lessons learned and inspiring opportunities to make breakthrough advances – and we believe these will not only redirect our social and environmental transgressions but will do so in a way that is more just to all humans.

In the coming weeks we will post cases for being hopeful on five critical challenges facing our world as we enter the new year:
·     #1 Pandemic Response
·     #2 Climate Change
·     #3 Biodiversity
·     #4 Human Rights
·     #5 Political Polarization

We’ll highlight practical examples and credible directions for progress on each. And, as is our professional commitment, we’ll invite your feedback and dialogue. So together, we can learn how to make 2022 the year to turn toward a healthier and more just path ahead. Happy new year to all!

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